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Breakdown Systems

Lumber delivered to the mill is bundled into large packs. These packs must be broken down before any boards can be processed through the mill. Like many other processes in the mill, this breakdown process, too, can be automated. A variety of solutions exist to breaking down packs of lumber. To assemble the proper breakdown system, many variables must be considered. Variables such as: “What are the dimensions of the packs?”, “Are there kiln sticks between the layers?”, and “What is the grade of lumber?” are just a few of the important details to selecting the proper breakdown system. Below, you may view a few of the breakdown system machines produced by Kincaid Systems.

Stick Bundler Systems

Stacker Systems

Once your product has been processed, you now need to ship it to your customer or store it in a warehouse. The best way to transport the end product is to stack or palletize it. A customized stacker system by Kincaid Systems can automate this process. Here are some examples of stacker systems manufactured by Kincaid Systems.

Planer Systems

Planers process boards by removing high places in the top and bottom board surfaces. To maximize throughput at the planers, Kincaid Systems offers a variety of infeed and outfeed solutions to complete the automated planer system.

Trim Saw Systems

Rough cut boards rarely have nice clean cuts on the ends. They often have jagged ends, which are a result of breakage or the shape of the tree the board was cut from, among other things. Trim systems are designed to remove the jagged ends of the boards leaving you with a clean cut on each end of the board.


Moving your product from one process to another can be done manually, or you can choose to further automate your system with conveyors. Kincaid Systems offers a variety of conveyor and feeder solutions to get your product from point “A” to point “B”. Click here to view a WMV video of a Lug Loader / Board Feeder.

Moulder Feeders

Our High Speed Moulder Feeders can be designed to accomodate any moulder in the woodworking industry.

System Controls

In addition to our quality built machinery, Kincaid Systems offers complete controls systems from hardware to custom PLC programming.

Upgrade Services

With our custom engineering and fabrication capabilities, Kincaid Systems can perform upgrades and modifications to your existing lumber handling equipment, regardless of where it was manufactured.


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